How to fill DAF for IAS Main 2017 properly

Dear Aspirant!

First of all accept our congratulations on clearing prelims!

As you stare at Main Examination now, it is very important that you fill up the UPSC DAF properly so that you can do well in the Personality Test (PT) and more importantly to get best of the services offered after the Final List is published by UPSC. Here we shall show you how to fill UPSC DAF Form. To begin with you’ll have to download UPSC Mains Application Form popularly known as Detailed Application Form or DAF from UPSC website.

Remember that few data in your DAF will be automatically appearing which was filled by you during your online application for preliminary examination.

Spend some time on your DAF. Read the instructions very carefully and be honest in your responses. Don’t rush to fill the DAF, rather take some days and finish this process with a cool head particularly when it comes to filling service preferences, cadre preferences and hobbies. This doesn’t mean that you ask each and every one about services/hobbies or jump from one online forum to another in quest of the answers you are looking for.  I would like to tell you the fact that it is you who can fill up your DAF in the best way. Yes you need some information to do so in the efficient way, but don’t worry we shall be providing you all the relevant information needed in this regard.

Let’s start working with the DAF now.

Your name, roll no and one passport size photo (which you used in prelims application) will be already there in the top part of the DAF.

  1. Name: Will be available (fetched from your CSP application)
  2. RID (Reg ID): Will be available (fetched from your CSP application)

      3.a. Address for correspondence: Will be available (fetched from your CSP application)

      3.b. to 3.e. Telephone, Mobile No, Fax No, E-Mail Address: All will be available (fetched from your CSP application)

      3.f. Permanent postal address: Fill in your permanent postal address

  1. Gender: Will be available (fetched from your CSP application)
  2. Marital status: Will be available (fetched from your CSP application)
  3. Citizenship: Will be available (fetched from your CSP application)
  4. Mother Tongue: Write your mother tongue (eg. Kannada, Marathi, Hindi etc.)

      8.a. Date of Birth: Will be available (fetched from your CSP application)

      8.b. Age Relaxation Claimed: Will be available (fetched from your CSP application)

  1. Place of Birth: Provide your place of birth
  2. Community: Will be available (fetched from your CSP application)
  3. Choice of Centre for Examination: Will be available (fetched from your CSP application)
  4. (i) (a)Do you hail from Arunachal Pradesh / Manipur / Meghalaya / Mizoram / Nagaland /Sikkim and are claiming exemption from appearing in INDIAN LANGUAGE FOR PAPER A?  : Will be available (fetched from your CSP application)

     (b) Indian Language for Paper A : Will be available (fetched from your CSP application)

     (ii) Optional Subject for paper VI & VII : Will be available (fetched from your CSP application)

  1. (a)Language Medium for Examination for Paper I to Paper VII (Essay,General Studies and for Optional Subject as at (ii) of col.12 above) :  Will be available (fetched from your CSP application)

    (b) Language Medium for Interview Test(i.e. para 27 of the Instructions to Candidates) : Select Hindi or English

  1. Whether you are a Physically Challenged Candidate (Enclose certificate) : Will be available (fetched from your CSP application)

     Note: If you don’t find a field auto populated, have your CSP application copy with you to fill in the details.

      15.a to 15.o Information related to your parents: Provide all information

  1. 1 ( a) Do you possess the prescribed Educational Qualification (Vide rule-7 of the rules of the examination) Please enclose a copy of the Certificate if answer is “YES” : Put YES (or no if you are in the final year of graduation)

    (b) Do you have any basic Educational Qualification obtained from a foreign institution? : Fill YES/NO

    16.2 Educational Qualifications : Commencing with Matriculation or equivalent examination till Graduation : You’ll find the table below

Educational Qualifications
Educational Qualifications

   Fill in all details very carefully. Here B.Sc. at graduation level was selected. You select your stream of graduation.

  1. Where were you employed Fill your employment details accurately. Expect questions from this section in Personality Test (PT).

    Employment Details
    Employment Details
  1. Please Give particulars of 

        (a) Particulars of prizes,medals, scholarships,etc.: Write about the prizes you won (better to mention prizes at school and college level both)

        (b) Team/Games/Sports/N.C.C. /Hitchhiking/Mountaineering etc.: Mention the games you  played/Activities  you participated in

         (c) Position(s) of distinction Leadership held in School/College : Do mention your position Vis a Vis showing leadership ( A little fabrication is allowed here. Say you are good in literature then you can put that I was secretary of our Art & Literature Club formed by our mates at School.

      (d) Other extra curricular activities and interests (Such as hobbies etc.):  Mention your real hobbies (Don’t provide wrong hobbies for the sake of anything, don’t pile up a huge list of hobbies either)

      Remember that this section is the most important one as far as your PT questions are concerned. So be honest, a little creative and alert.

  1. Having regard to answers given against columns 7,9,15,16.2 & 16.3 which is the State /Union Territory that you would claim as your home State/U.T.  : Put your Home state
  2. In case you are considered for appointment to IAS/IPS ,your order of preference for various State cadres for which you would like to be considered. You’ll find following table-
Order of Cadre Preference
Cadre Preference

Just provide your cadre preferences here. Please keep in my mind following factors before exercising preferences-

  1. Promotional Aspect
  2. Language, Culture
  3. Stayed/Studied for some significant period
  4. Good Job Profile (Less political interference)
  5. Distance from your native state
  6. Suitable geographical conditions
  7. Others

Please refer this report prepared by probationers of different cadres at LBSNAA.

  1. Your order of preference against the Services/Posts given below, for which you would like to be considered for appointment.: You will get to work with following table:
Order of Service preference
Order of Service preference

Information regarding most of the services in the table can be found here. Please bear in mind that it completely depends on an individual and his/her suitability against a particular service. So instead of following the common trend candidate must know about the services and accordingly any service must be marked higher or lower. For making your job easier please analyze the table given below (Services vs Rank in the first list for an Unreserved Candidate)


Service                                                          Year
  2011 (TR) 2011 (BR) 2012 (TR) 2012 (BR) 2013 (TR) 2013 (BR) 2014 (TR) 2014 (BR)
IAS 1 97 1 116 1 90 1 95
IFS 6 162 18 134 26 145 37 106
IPS 101 288 124 284 97 249 100 234
IRS (IT) 102 348 141 354 121 369 97 319
IRS (C & CE) 139 399 125 524 174 541 107 464
IAAS 298 429 436 548 156 548 237 481
IDAS 433 572 585 665 168 665 523 604
IRTS 411 504 529 607 413 639 465 560
ICLS 413 596 588 648 446 654 493 537
IP & TAFS 485 530 375 572 471 669 257 617
ITS 464 464 579 629 549 650 505 623
IPoS 447 607 539 669 598 623 561 706
IRAS 436 567 587 668 566 691 557 616
IRPS 497 611 574 663 606 657 483 665
DANICS 406 590 481 624 320 684 339 565
IIS 226 601 565 632 587 668 598 714
DANIPS NA NA 642 642 683 683 571 713
IDES 223 606 NA NA 616 679 513 669
ICAS 421 591 638 661 633 692 517 655
IOFS 150 454 601 601 NA NA 672 715
RPF 294 395 153 537 147 322 645 711
AFHQ 418 563 231 623 325 693 NA NA

Note: TR= Top Rank who got the service

BR= Bottom rank who got the service

Candidates choose service as per their choice. For example despite Group B services DANICS & DANIPS have been quite popular among few candidates. So we advise you to know the services (Except some obvious choices) first and then decided about their preference order.

According to me a fair preference order may look like this:


I repeat this is our preference order not yours. You make one on the basis of information, interest & suitability on the same lines.

Lets find out what experts have to say about few lesser known services (which create a lot of confusion among candidates while deciding their preference order)

IAAS, ICAS: Delhi stay, Exposure to Central Departments/Ministries

IDAS: Good Infrastructure, Long Term Deputation

IRAS: Good Infrastructure, Will become DRM

IP & TAFS: Not that good

IRTS: After IRS this must be chosen

IDES: Big House, Red Light Vehicle from Beginning, Long Term Deputation

ICLS: New but Exciting, Posting always in a Metro City

DANIPS: Good in its own Respect

IPoS: Good Future, Must be put at higher order

After you are done with your DAF, take printout (2 copies). Sign on every page of the one copy of DAF and then checking all details again; send it to UPSC by Speed Post along with other supporting documents mentioned in the DAF so that it reaches there on time. Keep another copy of the DAF with you for the future reference. Also keep soft copy of the filled DAF with you.

We hope that this article will help you in working with your DAF in an efficient way. Feel free to come up with any query.

Keep visiting our website while we return with fresh and informative posts.

Thanks & All the Best!





Job Profile of various Civil Services under UPSC


Many of Civil Services Aspirants find it difficult to fill service and cadre preference in UPSC Mains DAF. Not only the candidates appearing in Civil Services Mains but all Civil Services Aspirants must be aware of the job profile, duties, career prospects and other details of various services under UPSC. Service and cadre preferences are among the very important things to be filled in DAF. DAF decides the career and destiny. So, one should take time to think over the service priority as well as cadre preference as u might not get a chance to change the same in future. Regarding Cadre Preference and other details in DAF, please visit “How to fill DAF for IAS Main 2016 properly”. Information regarding most of the services under UPSC can be found below:

UPSC Prelims 2016 Answer Key

UPSC Prelims 2016 Answer Key

General Studies Paper 1 

1 A  C B  C
2 C  B C  B
3 C  D A  D
4 B  D D A
5 C  B A C
6 B  A C B
7 D  B A A
8 C  C C  C
9 C  C D  C
10 B  B B  B
11 A  B A A
12 D  D B C
13 C  C D  C
14 D  D D B
15 C  D B B
16 C  C B D
17 C  B B A
18 D  D D C
19 C  B B A
20 B  D A A
21 B  D C C
22 D  B D A
23 A  C A C
24 B  A D  A
25 D  B  B  B
26 C  B C B
27 B  C B  C
28 D  C D A
29 A  B D D
30 C  C B A
31 B  B A C
32 A  D B A
33 C  C C C
34 C  C  C D
35 B  B  B  B
36 A  A B  A
37 C  D  D B
38 C  C  C D
39 B  D  D  D
40 B  C D B
41 D  C  C B
42 A  C B B
43 C  D  D  D
44 A  C B B
45 A  B D A
46 C B D C
47 A D B D
48 A A C A
49 A B A D
50 B D B B
51 B C D C
52 C B C B
53 A D C D
54 D A B D
55 A C C B
56 C B B A
57 A A D B
58 C C C C
59 D C C C
60 B B B B
61 D A A B
62 B C D D
63 D C C C
64 D B D D
65 B B C D
66 B D C C
67 B A C B
68 D C D D
69 B A C B
70 A A B D
71 C C B D
72 D A D B
73 A A/C A C
74 D A B A
75 B B D B
76 C B C B
77 B C B C
78 D A D C
79 D D A B
80 B A C C
81 A C B B
82 B A A D
83 C C C C
84 C D C C
85 B B B B
86 B A A A
87 D B C D
88 C D C C
89 D D B D
90 D B D C
91 C B D C
92 B B A C
93 D D C D
94 B B A C
95 D A A B
96 D C C B
97 B D A D
98 C A C A
99 A D A B
100 B B B D


General Studies Paper 2

1 C D C D
2 D B D B
3 D A A B
4 D A D A
5 C B B D
6 C B D A
7 D D B A
8 D B B D
9 B D B B
10 D C A B
11 D B B B
12 B A D D
13 D A B B
14 C B D B
15 A A D B
16 C D A C
17 B D B B
18 B D A C
19 C C B C
20 C C C D
21 D C D C
22 B D B D
23 B D A A
24 A D A D
25 D C B B
26 A C B D
27 A D D B
28 D D B B
29 B B D B
30 B D C A
31 B D B B
32 D B A D
33 B D A B
34 B C B D
35 B A A D
36 C C D A
37 B B D B
38 C B D A
39 C C C B
40 D C C C
41 C D C D
42 D B D B
43 A B D A
44 D A D A
45 B D C B
46 D A C B
47 B A D D
48 B D D B
49 B B B D
50 A B D C
51 B B D B
52 D D B A
53 B B D A
54 D B C B
55 D B A A
56 A C C D
57 B B B D
58 A C B D
59 B C C C
60 C D C C
61 D C D C
62 B D B D
63 A A B D
64 A D A D
65 B B D C
66 B D A C
67 D B A D
68 B B D D
69 D B B B
70 C A B D
71 B B B D
72 A D D B
73 A B B D
74 B D B C
75 A D B A
76 D A C C
77 D B B B
78 D A C B
79 C B C C
80 C C D C

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