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Chanakya IAS coaching center is quickly growing to be the most popular center for IAS studies in delhi. The founder of organization MR A.k Mishra AKA success guru has managed to make this place the center of attraction for every individual looking to succeed in there goals. They claim to have had over 2500 selections in IAS, IPS, IFS and other departments of civil services in india. Having tons of competitors, some of which you can find by visiting our home page, chanakya IAS center has much more to offer then just the theory material which you can find in any IAS related book.

chanakya coaching

The chanakya academy organizes regular workshops and seminars to develop competitive skills in there students to make sure they succeed in every aspect of there lives. They train the aspirants and provide them the essential skills to succeed as an administrative figure in the near future.

The academy offers various courses namely 

UFC – Upgrade Foundation Course

Prelims course

Correspondence course


Interview guidance program


Duration of each course ranges between 40 days to 3 years-

Crash course- 40 days

Mains advanced program- 4 months

Prelims Program – 3 months

UFC (Upgraded foundation course) – 1-3 years

Please get in touch with the academy to find out the batch dates of these courses.

 Online Exams

They also have a unique feature on there website called Online Exams, where you can give online tests and exams to test out your current level, this will help you find out how you will perform in the real exams.

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 23 reviews
by Aakanksha on IAS Coaching in Delhi
Very Bad

This coaching centre is very bad Teaching deliver so, kindly do'nt read any student this coaching institute

by Ronnie Arora on IAS Coaching in Delhi
Chanakya IAS Academy

As we all know that
UPSC Mains Result 2016 -17 will be coming shortly, It’s a time to hold your hands and pray for your bright future. I Wish all the candidates good luck for the upcoming Mains result and interview process.

If you are expecting best score then it’s a high time to gear up for next & final Stage that is Interview. The interview is not only about what you know, but it is more focus on how you deliver (personality aspect) Which can be reshaped by only taking IAS Mock Interview. Chanakya IAS Academy is surely the best for mock interviews, most of my friends joined
mock interview at Chanakya and learnt a lot at this final stage, so for mock interview, I would surely recommend Chanakya any-day.

by Pratyusha on IAS Coaching in Delhi
My life is better now, thanks to Chankaya

I was unguided and lost when I started to prepare for the UPSC. Chanakya IAS Academy helped me to stay on the right path and provided me with the right guidance. They have this guest visits where you meet AK Mishra sir who motivate you and confirm that it's possible to crack upsc with regular studies. I was in Delhi's branch and was very satisfied with the faculties. Faculties were really friendly, especially AK Mishra Sir. Thank you.

by Deepu Singh on IAS Coaching in Delhi
I am very happy -- and satisfied.

I am happy here and want to tell everyone that they have everything to begin with, especially for people who are lost and doesn't know where to start.

by Bipad Taran Patra on IAS Coaching in Delhi

Really Nice

by shivraaj patel on IAS Coaching in Delhi

come january and i must say im nowhere. i joined the institute in august2016 and what a pathetic scene.our initial teacher of polity did have any energy.he merely dictated things from laxmikanth.if cross questioned,he asks to google.have we paid money just to get this reply???i and my freinds went to management staff...but this female is very rude.she does not listen.the counsellors were so polite during admission but the coordinator is a full villian.she does not know anything about exam,she does not understand our problems.
my experience was very bad.they have very inexperienced people.some previous batch students told me that polity teacher is very good,but after our course got over we got to know that there are 2 polity teachers.but our scene was spoilt by some other person.history was awsome..he had energy to speak and had his things prepared..akshay sir taught us international..he was thing was he is very patient and listens to us..
i have stopped going now.i came in touch with vaji students...and now i can say..its a waste of time and money.faculty check is a must for all those who study in chanakya...

by Balbir Gill on IAS Coaching in Delhi

I joined the Chanakya IAS Academy in the year 2013 and it was a big mistake. I wasted my time , energy and money(35000 rupees). I was taking classes at the panchkula branch.NO FACULTYTo begin with they had only one teacher for every subject, read it right..only one teacher.So the same person was teaching us Polity, economics, Geography and history.CASTEISMWhat i hated the most was his comments on Scheduled caste candidates, he often used to quip about SC/ST candidates by relating a topic with their caste.I mean i was a General category candidate but still i felt bad.For example, once he was teaching us about Nano car launched by the TATA's and there he said and i quote "ye Nano car to ab caron mein Schedule caste ho gayi he"So he was a person who was taking out his frustration on the sc/st candidates as he himself couldnt make it to the IAS.GLOSSY INSTITUTION BOOKS OF NO VALUEWe were told at the time of joining that we will get notes from the institute to help us focus on what to read and what not to read but it turned out that the books provided by the institution itself came under the category of not to read.That teacher himself told us not to read anything from these books as it will waste our time. Such a Facade.Besides if you open these books you will see a Big sign of chankya academy behind all the text which makes it difficult to read the text in the first place.I mean what is the need of such things . we know your symbol and we definitely dont want to get distracted by it while we are trying our best to focus on what is being said in the notes.So they dont care about these things. they just care about their symbols and money.NO DISCIPLINEI saw people fighting with each other during the topic, i mean anyone could comment on anyone and sometimes the teacher also participated in targeting a person if he doesnt like to answer a question or if he does not know the answer at all.I mean its ok if you dont know the answer but dont let the Discipline of the class go haywire because of some nonsense individual. Rather you are encouraging that jerk to comment was only later when all the girls went to the administration and complained about that guys comments did the teacher stopped encouraging individuals.So no PROFESSIONALISM there.

by manisha kanwar on IAS Coaching in Delhi

Sir I have guide about IAS ,so I request you please inform on my email -ID for new batch start and fee

by Saloni grover on IAS Coaching in Delhi

Chanakya Ias Academy has been a great boon for my ias preparation. The faculty here is amazing. They are easily accessible for doubts and are very perfect in their teaching. The management is very cooperative and helpful (especially neetika mam). I am being helped in the proper understanding of my concepts as well as test series are being provided. This academy has given a great boost to my studies with a positive aura and superb library facilities and i know i will definitely be able to crack upsc.

by Sujata Kumari on IAS Coaching in Delhi

I'm planning for civil service

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