Nirvana IAS Coaching Academy Review

It’s time to review an IAS coaching center which is not as popular as our previously reviewed coaching centers, after reading the review you will be able to decide if this coaching center is for you or not. In this review we will mention our review as well as the reviews from the users who actually studied in this academy

At first glance the coaching center looks good since they have decent amount of space to hold good number of students, on top of that they have a professional website where they provide things like syllabus, fee structure, pictures of their coaching center etc. Having a professional website is always a good sign, this goes to show that the company/institute is serious and not just a fly by night company.

Courses Offered

General Studies (Pre-cum-main) Along with CSAT

General studies (Pre.)

General studies (Mains)

Law, political science, history

Interview guidance

Nirvana IAS Fee Structure


As per the fee structure is concerned the price seem to be quite reasonable in comparison to more popular ias coaching centers but i would suggest you to do more research on this as you might be able to find even cheaper coaching centers in Mukherjee Nagar and Outram Lane area. So coaching center fee ranges from INR 5000 for interview guidance to as much as INR 1 lac for General studies Along with CSAT.

Students reviews

If you visit the google page of nirvana IAS center you will see a mixed bag of review with average rating being 3.8 stars out of 5 which is not bad but i have seen coaching centers with as high as 4.8 stars. They have a total of 9 reviews with 3 users giving them 1 start, 2 users giving them 2 stars, while 4 users giving them 5 stars. Based on this i might be little skeptical before joining this coaching center as 3 – 1 star rating out of 9 ratings is not a very good sign and goes on to show that there might be some room for improvement, but if i was you, i would do my own research, maybe visit the coaching center personally and ask the students who go there about their experience with them. This way i’ll not end up wasting my hard earned money and make the best choice possible.

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Average rating:  
 4 reviews
by Shalini Sharma on IAS Coaching in Delhi

Hi I am Shalini, I joined this institute in January this year. In my opinion the institute and the staff of Nirvana IAS Academy is just too good and supportive. Mr. Gill is a genius man with deep knowledge of each and every topic he teaches. History teacher is a history Wikipedia himself. I have given my 1st prelims and scoring very good marks. I am completely satisfied with the method and technique of teaching of Nirvana. It’s a nice coaching centre for UPSC.

by Shubhika on IAS Coaching in Delhi
Nirvana IAS coaching

Let me make this clear that these are my personal reviews. But a serious suggestion for all those sincerely preparing for covil services DO NOT ever join this institute. It is a complete waste of time and money. Gill Sir teaches well but is highly opinionated which bends your state pf mind towards always being skeptical and you are unable to be a neutral perosn which is highly desirable for being an IAS officer. Moreover he only teaches a handful of subjects,for all the other subjects we are left to struggle. Science and tech is not covered. History teacher is utterly terrible. CSAT coaching was disgusting.
I regret joining this institute.
If I would have joined somewhere else Maybe I would have been more satisfied with my preparation.

by Manish Verma on IAS Coaching in Delhi

It's totally FALTU coaching institute. I joined there 2 years back and paid 1.35 lacks of my hard earn money and that got wasted totally. No other teacher is more worse than that fatty History teacher and there is one mam who teaches CSAT has much attitude without any qualification and Gill sir is okay for some subjects but he teaches all subject except history. for earning more money, he doesn't appoint other teachers for which he doesn't have much knowledge.
Ultimately it's worst institute for IAS preparation. If u want to join then join it for LAW but plz never join this for GS. It's totally waste of time, energy and money


decent coaching centre, i liked it.