looking for New batch or classes for UPSC EXams in Delhi

Ashish Sharma asked 2 years ago

India’s best Coaching Institute Vajirao & Reddy Institute for IAS, UPSC coaching, civil services coaching in Delhi is recently registration & Online admission for new Upcoming IAS Batches  in Delhi starting of UPSC IAS Exam, Civil Services Exam UPSC 2016. Vajirao & Reddy Institute is dedicated to IAS, UPSC coaching, civil services coaching with minimum possible price and specializing in General Studies.

These are the some feature of the VAJIRAO & REDDY INSTITUTE i.e.:
The Teachers
Subjects – C SAT, General Studies, History, Public Administration, Geography, & Sociology engages a group of 9 outstanding teachers each one being the best known master of his area. It is this specialization that enables us to deliver top-notch excellence in all the areas of these subjects. This core team awaits here to guide you step by step towards overall excellence that automatically leads to succ
anywhere else, where a single individual posing as an “expert” attempts to teach very area of a vast course.
No matter from which university or background you come from, you are bound to feel confident about performing well – if you have been guided by this unparalleled team of teachers.
The Teaching Style
What you need first of all is conceptual clarity on all the topics, so that you handle any question with supreme confidence. To do this, we have developed a highly modern & efficient teaching style – that relies on:

  1. Colored figures & interlinked flow charts to illustrate even a small concept. It is this approach that fetches you a 360+score in the IAS Main.
  2. Simple & lucid explanation in day to day language, using innovative analogies to totally simplify the concepts.
  3. A lot of interactivity during class room discussion, not consolidate your understanding.
  4. Greater emphasis on explanation rather than dictation in the classroom. We are strongly convinced that dictation style of teaching is really primitive and takes away the joy of learning. All the notes you need are already in the printed form, which we revise and update after every batch. So, you can use your classroom sessions to actually develop a mastery on the concepts.

The Notes
All our teachers, plus more than 15 course content researchers are constantly at work on our notes. All the efforts which we are putting in the notes have a single target: to get you 360+score in the Main & a 95+score in the Prelims.
These notes have been developed after consulting all the major Indian & International Text Books on the subject. What’s more – we are regularly updating these notes with inputs from all the major Journals, so that by relying on these notes you are always several steps ahead of the competition.